Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not Enough Student Voices! Engage with Education Nation!

Education Nation’s second-annual nationally televised Teacher Town Hall is this Sunday, September 25th, continued live streams around specific topics happening on the 26th and 27th.  

When I attended an event at  Calumet New Tech High in Gary, Indiana during Secretary of Ed. Arne Duncan's Midwest Bus Tour, Dr. Martha Kanter engaged in a round table discussion about education, engagement, higher education and many more topics with the students.  The wisdom and experiences they shared should be heard by policy makers!

This year on their registration form they have included a dropdown choice of “student”.  I thought it might be something you would be interested in having your students, view the livestream,  comment on Facebook , follow on twitter . I would love to see some student voices come across the twitter feed.  We don’t hear from our students nearly enough during the national education discussions!  

Of course being able to work with this event and your students requires any number of progressive policies in place at your school, unblocking Twitter, or at the very least that it be unblocked for teachers and perhaps  students could access on their cell phones (if those aren't banned, too)! If you need some resources around unblocking, you can start here with an easy to understand post from the folks at Mind/Shift. 

A very helpful site when following a twitter stream around an event is TweetChat . You just type in the hashtag (for example,  during the Teacher Town Hall, #TeachersEdNat )  and it will pull up every tweet being tweeted.  Also, you won’t have to keep typing in the hashtag as you post, it puts it in your tweet for you! Each topic on the 25th, 26th and 27th  has its own hashtag and can be found as you scroll down this page.

Please forward this to teachers in your school(s) that might be interested in working with their students around this, or that may tweet or facebook during the discussion as well. I would suggest it for anyone leading current events/Government/Econ and/or digital media.

Hope you can tweet and/or chat during the Education Nation Teacher Townhall on 9/25 and for any of the events following on the 26th and 27th! I look forward to hearing those student voices!

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