Monday, September 3, 2012

Words I Remember From My Teachers

Words I Remember From My Teachers

Part 1:

"Well, honey, you can't be good at everything, maybe Math just isn't for you." said by my 3rd grade teacher.

"You are too social, that may serve you well in life, but not in school and certainly not in my class!"  said by my 5th grade teacher.

"A 91% is still an an A, why do you care what you missed? Stop obsessing." said to me  by HS teacher.

"You are too smart to be a teacher, what else do you want to be?" said to me by HS teacher.

"Don't apply for that scholarship, you are wasting your time, no one from here ever wins it." said to me by a  HS Guidance Counselor.

Part 2:

"You can be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do" said to me by too many teachers to count. ( I know, I'm lucky!)

"It really does only take one person to start something" said to me by HS Government teacher. Thanks Mr. Shepherd.

"No, you CAN do this, I'll help" said to me by HS Math teacher. Thanks Mr. Schilling.

"Figure it out" said to me by the same HS Math teacher.

"I love your speaking voice" said to me by HS Speech teacher. Thanks Mr. Henderson

"I love being a teacher, I think you will, too" said to me by a HS teacher. Thanks Mr. Herndon.

"You can read any book in this library." said to me by my elementary school librarian. Thanks Mrs. Fromme.

" I can hear your voice in your writing" said to me by my 4th grade teacher. Thanks Mrs. Hardesty.

Each one of the above sentences had an impact on me, my learning, my choices.
What you say to your students matters. What words will they remember from you?

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