Tuesday, December 4, 2012

YIKES...Simply More of the Same? I Hope Not.

When I read this Huffington Post Headline this week...

I was reminded of a cheer we shouted during the ol' Frankfort Hotdog football games.

"Hit 'em again, harder, harder" 

or how when someone doesn't understand you so you...

say the same thing again only LOUDER!

or how when a student doesn't understand a concept and we

explain it exactly the same way only s l o w e r . 

or when I can't find my keys so I look in my purse...

right around 5,000 times even though they WERE NOT there the 1st 4, 999 times!

or when a young child is retained and is taught in the ...

EXACT same way with the SAME materials he was the previous year 

You get it right?

YIKES...simply more of the same? I hope not.


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