Saturday, January 12, 2013

Notre Dame + Alabama + Frustrated Fan Tweet = #DigCit Lesson !

Last Monday night I was watching the BCS championship game, Notre Dame vs Alabama, ( I know, I know, #rolltide...blah...I'm an Irish fan, don't rub it in)

I like to have Twitter open and follow the conversation about the game as well.  Tweets add a different kind of color commentary!

As I checked my feed, I saw a tweet from a student that often engages with us during #PBLChat, he uses social media really well as a student, he tweets encouragement to students in lower grades on their presentation days, celebrates his academic success and future goals, shares his learning and compliments his friends, a stellar example of a teen crafting a fantastic digital footprint.


He is a Notre Dame fan....did you SEE that game?

His tweet was one 4 letter word.

Uh oh!

Because he oftens tweets during #PBLChat I had no problem replying to him and letting him know that he has a better vocabulary than that, but before I could hit reply, I watched in real time as a conversation with one of his former teachers it is:

Trust, respect, responsibility, relationships and great school culture? Yep, all that is in place and evident by this exchange!

We don't have to be afraid of students and social media, we can be there for students to remind them that indeed, they are better than that!

Kudos to Josh for being receptive to his teacher's words and to his teacher for being there for Josh!

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