Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Song Makes Your Students Think of Your School?

I'm watching the Grammys, knitting and glancing at my Twitter stream (my knitting pattern is on my iPad, so it's not THAT much multi-tasking).

When I see a tweet that warms my heart

Emcredible is a HS freshman that I have never actually met face to face. I follow her on Twitter, she tweets with us during #PBLChat, I see her tweet encouragement to her friends, thank visitors to her school, and now, thanks to Twitter, I know how she feels about Adam Levine. (I agree, Em!)

She is crafting a great digital footprint.

That isn't what made me have to put down my knitting and write this short post.

As soon as I read her tweet, I wished for every student to have a home at school.

What song would students say  makes them think about your class? Your school?

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