Monday, December 16, 2013

#PBLChat and #INeLearn team up to talk Common Core & PBL

By now blog readers know I work with New Tech Network (and that I LOVE it).  Sometimes in the network we laugh and wonder if we "over collaborate"…..but we keep going because two (or more) heads are better than one!

In the spirit of collaboration we are teaming up with the folks at #INeLearn (Indiana E-Learning) to talk about Common Core.  You often hear from the people at BIE that "Common Core is the what & PBL is the how".

Is PBL the "how" that can help you as we find our way with the Common Core?
Do you have some resources to share that may help others?
Just need to vent & discuss how you feel about it?
Join us (whether you are from Indiana or any other state!)
We typically have students present & engaged at this chat so it is a great time to hear their voices!
Have questions you want use to pose during the chat? Add them to the comments!
We are using the #PBLChat hashtag, but feel free to add #INeLearn, too!
See you Tuesday 8pm ET!

To prepare for the chat….check out this Ignite Talk
Common Core Will NOT Bring About Armageddon 

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