Monday, October 29, 2012

If YOU Were Designing a 4 yr Program for Teachers What Would it Look Like?

I graduated with my Elementary Ed degree in 1990 from Butler University. I LOVED going to Butler and felt well prepared for my first teaching job at Nora Elementary in Washington Township. I was exposed to Inquiry Based Learning, had  engaged professors and excellent, helpful feed back during my student teaching

Of course there are some silly things I had to do, learn to play song flute in "Music a Living Hell. Language...really? I remember learning how to give a spelling test. (Pre-test Mon. write words on Tues..blah blah blah)  But, I felt mostly prepared and I had excellent student teaching placements as well as support during student teaching from Dr. Ena Shelley. (Now Dean of the Butler CoE)

Mostly, I remember being encouraged to ask questions, Dr. Shelley was (and still is) a proponent of Reggio Emilia .  I am, too, a believer more than ever that children are not vessels to be filled but learners to be respected and cultivated. Looking back the path I started at Butler has definitely contributed to my working with New Tech Network, where school culture,student/teacher empowerment and engagement are at the forefront.
Back in college, I wish I had had more time in classrooms, more discussions/debates, more on ed policy, that being said, can you ever have enough time in the classroom? and maybe as an undergrad I wasn't as passionate then as I am now about policy.

So what I want to know is....what kind of teacher ed program would prepare you the most for what the classroom is like today?

If YOU were designing a 4 year program for teachers what would it look like? Please add your ideas in the comments!

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  1. I couldn't answer this question in a comment box (too much to say), but I would LOVE to design a teacher-prep program! If anyone is ever asking, I'm here: :)