Friday, October 12, 2012

My Grandma Has Facebook

This past week I had the opportunity to spend the day at Lake Ridge New Tech Middle School in Gary, Indiana, talking with 6th through 8th grade students about their digital footprints. I have a million things I could write about from this visit but for now, just a really quick story & thought.

In the beginning of the workshop, I ask a few questions about Facebook & Twitter to see how much they are using either. This group of middle schoolers were heavy on the Facebook, light on Twitter, but this was the most interesting take away for me:
How many of you are on Facebook? Nearly 100% of the hands went up (keep in mind most of the 6th graders are only 12)

How many of your parents are on Facebook? Nearly 100% of the hands stayed up.

How many of your grandparents are on Facebook? Nearly 100% of the hands stayed up.

So, tell me again WHY you aren't communicating with your students, families & community members by having a Facebook Page?

Here are a few awesome examples from schools I know to get you thinking about it...

Niles New Tech Entrepreneurial Academy 
Kent Innovation High
EVSC New Tech Institute
Nex+ Gen Academy
Anson New Tech High

Another great resource for getting started on how to use Facebook in the Elementary Classroom is this Prezi by @MissRalston .

Have an awesome school Facebook Page? I'd LOVE to check it out! Share the link in the comments!
Not on Facebook? Really? My Grandma is.

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